Each week for the next few months we will be providing you with an excerpt from the book Tech for Trainers which focuses on providing trainers with the best apps to use to get results for themselves and their clients.

We will start today with the introduction for Tech for Trainers that explains how the apps in the book were chosen.

The Right Apps at the Right Time

The purpose of this book is to give you the best apps from the perspective of a fitness professional and the best description and use cases for each.  A good comparison is when you are writing a fitness program for a client.  There are tons of awesome exercises that you can do, but that’s not what we look for as professionals.  Instead we are look for the right exercise at the right time for the right client.  I don’t want to leave you just knowing that these apps are the best, but why they are the best for you.

This book isn’t meant to be an end all be all of the best apps available.  Nor is it meant to include every app that is of use to fitness professionals.  There are a many very talented people that have put out very useful apps that aren’t included in this book.  You may also know of apps that you prefer to the ones listed in this book and it’s perfectly fine to keep using those instead.  In some sections of the book I’ve actually included some popular alternatives to my recommended apps.  We all have different tastes and workflows and in the end you should go with the app that you get the most out of.

How the Apps Were Chosen

There Were 4 Factors in Choosing the Apps:

  1. Ease of Use/Simplicity
  2. Platform
  3. Impact On Your Life
  4. Price

As I already mentioned there are ton of quality apps in the marketplace that can do most of what the apps listed here can.  I’ve tried most of them.  The reason for choosing the apps on this list were for:

  1. Ease of Use and Simplicity

All the apps on this list are straightforward and easy to use and have a direct impact on specific areas of a personal trainer’s career.  You won’t be jumping through hoops just to understand them and gain value.

  1. Platform

Being multi platform is huge these days.  The days of apps only living on your computer are long gone.  Most applications should now be available as a web app or webpage and also on your phone and tablet.  You shouldn’t be relying on apps whose information you can’t recover if you lose the device that it lives on.  If your phone or tablet is damaged you should be able to pick up right where you left off on your computer or your next device.

95% of the apps on this list can cross over from the web to your Mac to your Android device to your iOS device.  If they don’t then I’ve given the proper alternatives to use for the other operating system.  There are a couple of rare cases where I may recommend an app that’s not multi platform, but that is too awesome to ignore recommending.  In these cases I’ve tried to find just as awesome apps on the other platform to keep things in check.  For example Notability for iOS is so damn good that I couldn’t leave it out.

  1. Impact On Your Life

Technology in the right situations is like magic and will have a huge impact on your life.  I was very careful in choosing the categories and apps that would have the biggest differentiator in your fitness business and life.  There are many other applications of value out there, but I believe the 47 on this list have the most opportunity for impact.

  1. Cost

I’m not at all against paying for quality, but in the case of the apps on this list there isn’t really much need to.  The majority of the apps i’m recommending are Free to use and only cost a small amount to upgrade to premium levels.  In the case where I recommend an app that costs money it is because that app is unbelievably great and is something you won’t be able to live without once you have it.