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Review: Strength Faction’s Super Simple Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Programs


Every personal trainer at one point has gotten writer’s block.

You sit there staring at the computer screen and struggle to put together a competent program.

There are too many exercises to choose from… too many loading schemes… too many training splits… too many ways to assess.

You really want this program to be perfect for your client, but writing the program becomes a chore.

You think to yourself…It shouldn’t be this hard to put together a quality program in a short amount of time.

What’s missing is a system. A system that helps streamline the process and makes the task of writing a program as seamless possible.

That’s what Todd Bumgardner and Chris Merritt of Strength Faction have done with their Super-Simple Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Training Programs.

Together they’ve written over hundreds of individualized programs for clients. Their 10+ years of experience has given them the experience of how to write quality programs in an efficient manner. With the Super Simple Guide they’ve put together a product that brings their experience, quality, and efficiency into every personal trainer’s grasp.

Read on for the rest of the review: Then click over to check the guide out here.

  • How to classify movements to make programming easier.
  • What the Functional Movement Screen is and what to do with the information after you get it.
  • What to do when you can’t get a Functional Movement Screen on each new client.
  • Awesome walk-through on how to create menus for everything. Including reps, load, and movement for easy access with each new client. This is a game changer for anyone who hasn’t already done it. It will save hours a month on programming. This is single handedly worth the cost of the product.
  • How to identify the big rocks of training and program design.
  • Layman’s terms on what power, strength, and conditioning actually are. This provides clarity from the confusing parameters that your certification textbook provides.
  • Step by step plans on what your training weeks, including weekdays and weekends, will look like.

  • If you are already FMS certified or are familiar with it then a portion of the workshop may be repetitive for you.
  • The videos are all lecture. If you are looking for hands-on demos of movements then this isn’t the product for you.
  • The last 20 minutes of the workshop videos are a walk-through of their program templates. While its great to see the templates in use it may require a 2nd or 3rd viewing (plus coffee).

There is a ton of material in here that even the most seasoned trainer can benefit from. The part that stuck out the most though was how to create variety for your clients.

They drill this point home to start with the great Dan John quote

“You can’t get bored.”

The idea is that if you’re bored then you probably have a bored client that isn’t going to be invested in the session or program.

To do this they show how to focus on the basics while adding different loading schemes to keep things as fresh.

Variability in a program is something I struggled with over the years. I’ve also seen countless trainers struggle with causing them unneeded stress and time. Trainers usually fall on opposite ends of the spectrum with this issue. They either give their clients no variety by sticking to the same movements, load, and rest for months on end. Or they change the movements and other variables up every session to keep their clients guessing and entertained.

Neither of these scenarios works in the long run, and this segment from the Super Simple Guide to Kick-Ass Programs delivers a solution. They stick to the basics while adding variety to keep the client engaged.

  • Over 3 hours of ready to download videos
  • Workshop booklet in PDF format
  • A case study on the process of writing a 6 week program
  • Actual programming templates to give you a head start with your next client.

Learn More Here: What you get with the Super Simple Guide to Kick-Ass Programs

There aren’t many quality reviews out there, but here are some quotes we were able to find about the product and authors.

“Strength Faction has done a great job of teaching us a system for writing workout programs. It starts by helping us define movement and understanding what to look for in an assessment. Then, it lays out a blueprint for everything from exercise selection to periodization and helps make decisions easy for each client based on their goals, training history and movement limitations. Their system takes away a lot of the guess work and stress and allows you to write great workout programs in less time.”

-Kirk Adams, Head Performance Coach Golf and Body NYC

“Todd Bumgardner and Chris Merritt are two guys I truly respect in our industry. Not only are the life-long learners, but they’re also guys who simply “get” the training process.”

-Mike Roberston, IFAST

“Todd’s a straight-shooter and a coach I respect a ton. He and Chris Merritt started The Strength Faction not too long and the premise is simple: it’s strength coaching for strength coaches.

As coaches, we tend to put the health and well-being of our clients before our own. However, The Strength Faction helps to bring levity to the situation by fostering a unique environment where a support network is put in place coaches get coached by other coaches. Basically, you’re amongst your people.”

-Tony Gentilcore

Are you just starting off in the industry?

Do you spend way too much time on program design for your personal training or strength clients?

Do you have a ton of knowledge on how to train clients, but lack a system to efficiently put together a program?

Have you been in the industry for awhile and want to take things to another level?

Are you a fitness nerd who loves learning and wants to take in as many viewpoints as possible?

If any of these scenarios apply to you then I would absolutely recommend you invest in the Super Simple Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Programs.

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Review: Strength Faction’s Super Simple Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Programs
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Review: Strength Faction’s Super Simple Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Programs
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