I’m not sure how in depth I have to get on what Facebook is.  It is the preeminent online social networking site.  It didn’t start social networking, but it has become the most popular one in the world.  From teenagers to Mom’s to Grandmothers, everyone is on Facebook!  It gives you the opportunity to share your own news and updates as well as to follow and comment on your friends.  In this post we will pinpoint 5 accounts that will give you the most bang for your Facebook buck.  These are the accounts that you should create a list for so that you don’t miss a post. They are in this post for the combination of post frequency and the quality of information presented.

Nick Tumminello

Coach Nick Tumminello is the owner of Performance University International, which provides hybrid strength training and conditioning for athletes and professional educational programs for trainers and coaches all over the world. Tumminello may very well be my favorite account to follow on Facebook. I don’t always agree 100% with what he has to say, but I love that he speaks his mind and gets you thinking. 

Two of my favorite posts from him are:

Precision Nutrition


Dr. John Berardi and his Precision Nutrition team have personally helped over 30,000 people improve their eating, lose weight, and boost their health through their online coaching program.

Every year Dr. Berardi’s team mentors small groups of fitness professionals through the renowned Precision Nutrition: Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs.  I can personally recommend Level 1 of this certification for both its nutritional background as well as behavioral coaching.PN delivers quality content on a very consistent basis. This account along with EXOS will often have material I can use right away as talking points for clients or to shoot over as an email.

Two of my favorite PN posts are:

Todd Bumgardner

todd bumgardner

Humor and knowledge. It’s hard combination to go wrong with! That’s what Bumgardner brings to the table.

Bumgardner, MS, CSCS is a self described strength training nomad who is also one of the coaches, along with Chris Merritt, beyond the online coaching resource Strength Faction.

You can also follow his Facebook brand page in addition his personal.

Two of my favorite Bumgardner posts are:

Team Exos

As mentioned above EXOS is consistently delivering information in easily absorbed pots that are ready-made to be sent to clients or other fitness pro’s.

Two of my favorite EXOS posts are:

Don Saladino


Any trainers account that includes Blake Lively deserves to be followed.

Two of my favorite Saladino posts are: