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Sample Education Program Templates

I’ve created 3-5 year, yearly, monthly, and weekly sample templates for you to access.  They show how to implement each plan to create a focus for your career going forward as well as the upcoming year.  Keep in mind the program for the year starts in January, but you don’t have to wait until the new year to put your own program in place.

The weekly and daily plans from the book will be implemented on your own using your favorite calendar app and social networking tools.

Keep in mind that these aren’t set in stone programs nor are they meant to provide a curriculum from start to finish.  Everyone’s previous education, knowledge, and goals will be different.  The templates are there to provide direction and structure for planning out your education much as a program would for a client.  Every client’s program will be different and every trainer’s education program will be as well.

Experienced Trainer($135 a Month Budget) Education Program Template


Trainer on a Budget($35 a Month Budget) Education Program Template


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