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Author: louiedawg

Technology for Personal Trainers: The Apps That Will Have the Biggest Impact On Your Business

Each week for the next few months we will be providing you with an excerpt from the book Tech for Trainers which focuses on providing trainers with the best apps to use to get results for themselves and their clients. We will start today with the introduction for Tech for Trainers that explains how the apps in the book were chosen. The Right Apps at the Right Time The purpose of this book is to give you the best apps from the perspective of a fitness professional and the best description and use cases for each.  A good comparison...

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5 Fitness Pro’s You Need to Follow on Twitter

Twitter allows you to follow the best and brightest in the fitness field(or any field or topic of interest) in an easy to use interface.  Twitter is no longer just 140 character blurbs about what show you are watching or what restaurant you are eating at.  While there is still some of that interaction involved there is also a ton of news, stories, and links posted to the service.  By following some of the top people in the field, as well as like minded professionals, you can keep up to date on all the news and happenings in the...

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5 Fitness Pro’s You Need to Follow on Facebook

I’m not sure how in depth I have to get on what Facebook is.  It is the preeminent online social networking site.  It didn’t start social networking, but it has become the most popular one in the world.  From teenagers to Mom’s to Grandmothers, everyone is on Facebook!  It gives you the opportunity to share your own news and updates as well as to follow and comment on your friends.  In this post we will pinpoint 5 accounts that will give you the most bang for your Facebook buck.  These are the accounts that you should create a list...

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5 Fitness Pro’s You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that revolves around picture sharing.  Much like Facebook you have people and brands that you follow or are “friends” with.  With Instagram however the only method of posting is of pictures or videos that your friends can then comment on and like.  It’s my preferred social network to interact with as it’s very visual and doesn’t take nearly as much work to keep up with as Facebook or Twitter. It is also another great way to network with those in the industry on a daily basis. There are more and more professionals in...

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5 Fitness Pro’s You Need to Follow on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world.  Its users upload more than 300 hours of video to the website every minute.  These videos range from video blogs of teenagers to videos and shows from major corporations.  YouTube literally has everything on it!  From fitness and nutrition tips to the best workout songs for women.  It offer a countless number of selections that will either greatly increase your knowledge or make your dumber for watching.  Like any other user generated site the quality of videos and education will vary.   For the fitness industry much of...

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