Fitness Who’s Who was built to fight through the education clutter of the mainstream media, infomercials, and gurus.  It was built to deliver fitness professionals and enthusiasts the news and information that they deserve from real professionals delivering real results.

These aren’t the the trainers or infomercial experts that you see in the mass media. These are the professionals that are really making a difference on an everyday basis, and who deserve a website devoted to them.

My name is Jason LaChance and I created Fitness Who’s Who to deliver on the passion I have for this industry and to help as many trainers as possible get better.

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There are websites, blogs, and studies galore in almost every niche of the fitness industry.  So much so that all the information can be overwhelming on who to listen to, and who to ignore.

Fitness Who’s Who was started to help clear that up!

I’ve either hired or have been responsible for developing over 150 trainers since starting in this industry, and 98% didn’t have a grasp on where to go to get the education they deserve.  They had no idea on who to follow in the industry.  What certifications to spend their money on.  What videos and products were worth purchasing. Nor did they know how to take the information they learned and apply it to get better afterwards.

I went through the same challenges myself when I came into the industry and had to put in plenty of trial and error before finding my way.  It took years for me to finally get to know the names of who’s who in the fitness world, and I lost valuable time that I could’ve gained learning from these people.   

This website was developed for all of the trainers who are currently trying to wade through the mountains of information available in this industry and for all the new trainers coming in who need a go to resource to further their education.  My hope is that I can help at least a few of them learn from my mistakes and find the right information much sooner than I did.

What makes me qualified to report on who you should follow?  Over 15 years of experience and hours and hours of trial and error. During this time i’ve not only been striving to make myself and my clients better, but also over 150 trainers who’s education and development that i’ve been responsible for managing.

Who This Site Isn’t For

This site isn’t for trainers who don’t care about furthering their education.

This site isn’t for trainers who aren’t open to learning new things.

This site isn’t for trainers who already think they know “enough.”

Who This Site Is For

This site is for trainers who realize the industry is always changing and they must change too.

This site is for trainers who realize there will always be something new to learn.

This site is for trainers who are curious and realize that they can never know “enough.”


*Keep in mind that the views expressed here are my own, and I reserve the right to criticize or praise whoever or whatever I feel deserves it.

*The majority of the time the trainers, coaches, and nutrition experts that are covered here don’t write for Fitness Who’s Who.